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Naicash protects buyers & sellers in any online transaction.
We help businesses build trust with their customers.


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Transact with online businesses & Vendors with Confidence.

Naicash is increasing sales and revenue for online businesses
by making payment on delivery easier.

Secure Transactions.

Whether you are buying that dream item or selling to eager customers online, Naicash provides a secure and transparent way to safeguard your transactions,
ensuring your money stays safe and your
orders reach you as promised.

Create Your Business Profile on Naicash

Download Naicash App and Create Your business
profile to start transactions safely
with customers.

Payments on Delivery

You can now offer payment on delivery
to your customers without risking your money or goods.

Payment On Delivery Made Easier & anywhere

  • Get committed buyers from the start.
  • Say goodbye to pay-on-delivery troubles.
  • Avoid payment scams and fraud
  • Boost sales with increased buyer confidence.
  • Eliminate buyer hesitation, close deals faster
  • Buy confidently from unfamiliar sellers online
  • Secure payments until orders arrive
  • Shop confidently knowing your money is safe
  • Get products delivered as promised
  • Avoid potential scams and fraudulent sellers.
How Naicash

Few steps to success.

For Businesses

Download the Naicash App, create your business profile and verify your business. Customers can find you and make payment for goods and services to be delivered.

For Customers

Download the Naicash App, create an account, find a business and make payment for goods and services. Your money remains safe until you receive your products and services.

Find and pay

Buyers can find businesses and vendors on Naicash App and make payment for goods and services to be delivered.

Order received

Seller receives order notification and fulfills the buyer’s request.

Delivery confirmation

Buyer receives goods or service and confirms delivery on the app.

Seller/vendor Gets Paid

Seller receives payment instantly.

and customer satisfaction.

You too can be a happy customer or vendor.

Frequently asked questions

Find commonly asked questions here on Naicash.

Naicash is an online escrow solution designed to enhance trust and security in online transactions. It offers escrow services that protect both buyers and sellers in an online transaction.

Naicash acts as a trusted intermediary, securing funds until both parties confirm that the transaction terms are met. This minimizes the risk of fraudulent transactions.

All Naicash payments are done via the Naicash App. All payments are processed with PCI/DSS Certified payment processors and all funds are safely held in a CBN-Licensed Deposit Money Bank.

Funds are usally paid to the seller when the buyer completes a transaction or after 24 hours if no dispute is raised by either party.

We charge a flat rate of N150 for Transactions below N100,000
and N200 for transactions above N100,000

No. There are no hidden charges or extra fees.

The transaction fee is paid by the buyer in a transaction.

In case of a dispute, Naicash provides a seamless dispute resolution process. Our team helps mediate and resolve issues to ensure a fair outcome for both parties.

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